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We had the opportunity to display our work at AIA Expo as part of the AIA 2014 Convention in Chicago, generating interest from manufacturers, practitioners, and academics. We are hopeful that this will lead to future collaborations for the Material Innovations Lab.

Thank you American Composites Manufactures Association for sponsoring our booth. And thanks again to our collaborators:

Kreysler & Associates Composites Fabrication
Enclos Facade Engineering and Curtainwall Design
Gensler Los Angeles Architectural Design

For more information on this work, please contact Mark Cabrinha and Jeff Ponitz using the form below:



Check out Enclos’ write up on our work here.

Great discussions at our final review at Cal Poly. We were joined by Dan Green of Enclos, Josh Zabel of Kreysler, and Shawn Gehle of Gensler Los Angeles. More photos and a write-up from Enclos can be found in the previous post.


TRI is a modular design where the geometry allows for creative interpretation of a grid. Through control of aperture and depth, light and shadow further distort the pattern. In this design we sought to create a self supporting facade system. The apertures are correlated with the depth to bring in more diffused light as the openings get larger. The design is also optimized to take advantage of material properties by incorporating undulations. The triangular modules afford efficient production by allowing reuse of molds while creating less regular patterns.


Team members
Nava Haghighi
Brianna Luce

California Bay House

FRP Sandwich panels, as presented in Kreysler & Associates’ webinar.

Santa Monica College Health, Physical Education, Fitness and Dance Building

FRP rain screen, as presented in GenslerLA’s webinar.